The Business Of Crypto Currency

For those who are “into” cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and others, it is hard to imagine the number of people who have no clue about what crypto is and how much money is being made and lost in this business.

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Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrency isn’t really coins, it’s electronic code or “bits” that people use in the place of money for trading of goods and services.

What Is Crypto Currency?

Most people in the know will tell someone who isn’t “in the know” that crypto is “digital money”, or “electronic currency”, or something along those lines.

Many people have at least heard of Bitcoin, but of those who have heard of it few have any idea what it is.  They for sure don’t know that there are dozens of other cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell.

For an excellent run down (explanation) see this ever expanding Wikipedia article.

Can I Make Money With Crypto?

There is an ever growing library of books and websites dedicated to helping people understand this new and growing market, but it pays to be careful and do your homework, there are plenty of scammers out there looking to take advantage of the “newbs”, the gullible.

Don’t Be Stupid

Don’t just send your hard earned dollars to the first guy (or website) promising to make your rich.  This is a business in its infancy.  There are sure to be many booms and busts along the way.

How Do I Get Started In CryptoCurrency Trading?

One of the best, cheapest, and easiest ways to get started learning about how “crypto” works is to get your hands on a very cheap, but very popular cryptocurrency called Dogecoin.    You’ll need a “wallet” to hold your coins.  These things are explained on the main Dogecoin site noted (and linked to) above.

Join A Community

There is a very vibrant and ever growing community surrounding Dogecoin on  You can see what people are saying about it at this link.

Can I Buy Things With Dogecoin?

There are plenty of websites that accept dogecoin in payment for goods and services.  The best place to start looking is to visit some of the Dogecoin directory sites that break things down into categories.  The following are a couple to get you started.

Is It Safe?

As mentioned above there are scammers out there and you do need to understand how to keep your cryptocurrency safe.  It is not a difficult thing, but securing and backing up your wallet is a very important thing.

Is It Legal?

Governments around the world are looking closely at this question.  For now though you don’t need any special licenses or permission from any governing body to buy, sell, use, spend, or whatever.  You can even use cryptocurrency for gambling online at this point in time with no problems because crypto isn’t considered money, although people are using it for trade and such.

More To Learn

As this new way of doing business evolves there is sure to be plenty more to learn.  Just like email was looked at with suspicion in the early and mid 1990′s and now everyone uses it cryptocurrency looks to be filling a need that has to this point remained unfulfilled.

If you don’t know about crypto now, your are sure to be hearing more about it in the months and years to come.



Outdoor Landscaping And Patio Idea

If you are coming from Pinterest and are looking for the Patio Pictures Click Here to visit that page.

How To Trade Gift Cards For Other Gift Cards

Many people have gift cards that they really would like to trade for other sorts of gift cards.  This article will tell you how to go about doing exactly that.

A huge industry has developed in support of the popularity of gift cards.  After all, who does not like receiving one of these as a gift?

The problem is, many people receive these cards and do not like or do not want anything from the store that that the gift card is for.  Other people get one, but would rather have some cash to pay some bills instead.

This is where companies like Plastic Jungle come in.  Plastic Jungle is the most popular place to get cash in exchange, or get money for gift cards that you will never use.  When you visit the site they will tell you how you can buy, sell, and exchange your gift cards for cash.

It is pretty amazing actually.  Somebody figured out how to provide a service that so many other people want.

Now it is important to realize that companies like this would not be able to stay in business if they did not make a profit, so don’t expect that if you have a gift card with $50 or $100 on it that they will give you the absolute full value of the purchasing power on it.  What they do is make deals on these wholesale gift cards by selling them or trading them to other people at a small profit.

What they will do however is make you a nice cash offer for it.  If it is one of the real popular cards like from JC Penney, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or another one of the very well known brands they will oftentimes offer you as much as 90 cents on the dollar or even a little bit more for it.  It all depends.

Sometimes you can even get instant cash put into your Paypal account.  Some people have figured out how to make money selling these unused or partially used gift cards. If however the card is from one of the lesser known brand names you usually will have to mail it in to them and they will check the balance on it and once they determine how much it is worth they will email you an offer for it.

Sometimes they might only offer you $70 or so for a card that has $100 worth of spending power on it.  In order to find out what it’s worth you have to contact them and they make it real easy.  There is a real easy to use interface at Plastic Jungle.

All that you have to do in order to find out how to trade gift cards for gift cards is to visit the site.  Just click on the banner below and you will be taken right there.  Once you arrive, just follow the instructions on how you can buy, sell, or exchange your card for another one.

Trade your gift cards for an gift card.

Benefits of Debt Consolidation

credit card debt forgiveness and debt consolidation

A person usually starts to look at debt consolidation after they have lost their job, or has overspent and does not have enough money to pay the bills.

A person usually starts to look at debt consolidation after they have lost their job, or has overspent and does not have enough money to pay the bills. Many people’s finances go up and down depending on the time of year.  After Christmas for instance a lot of folks find themselves paying for everyday essentials like groceries with their credit cards.

Getting oneself out of this kind of precarious financial situation is never any fun.  If a person is relying on a limited or fixed income it makes it even worse.   A lot of folks in the past fell for those teaser low mortgage rates promotions and later found out that after a couple of years the payment amount climbed dramatically and now they can no longer afford their mortgage payments.

This is where debt consolidation companies come into the picture.  Companies that help people manage their finances and help to set up a budget are flourishing in this day and age.

Some people panic when they find themselves in over their heads as far as debt is concerned, but one is usually advised not to go with any sort of debt settlement or consolidation services company if they have less than five thousand dollars in outstanding or overdue bills.

With debt so small it is usually best to contact your creditors yourself and take care of your money problems that way.  Most every creditor will work with you to settle your debts or make payment arrangements.

Where a debt adviser will help you, whether it is an individual debt settlement attorney or a larger debt consolidation company is when you have many outstanding and overdue bills with many different creditors.   Once you sign up with their service they will contact all of your creditors to set up payment plans and often negotiate your balances down to manageable levels.

In some cases you can even get what is called credit card debt forgiveness. Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll get the entire balance wiped away.  Most times the creditor will eliminate a portion of the debt and you never have to pay it back.  There are of course consequences to all of this.   Your credit score will be hurt for many months and often times for a few years, but at least you can start answering telephone again without fear of it being someone looking for money.

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Buying Individual Health Insurance

Tips for Buying Individual Health Insurance

We all need to have health insurance, and in case you are are self employed, or can’t get insurance from your employer, you will need to explore purchasing individual health insurance. Insurance on your own is usually much more expensive than when you get it from a business, so it pays to shop around and get the best policy for you.

Although they are known as individual policies, they often can insure your spouse and kids as well. However, when you apply for a policy, there’s no guarantee that states you will end up approved for an individual policy. If you have particular health conditions, since the policy is medically underwritten, your insurer may possibly deny your application, or add exclusions to your policy. There are several states that make this practice illegal, and this means that health insurers will have to provide you with a policy, whatever medicals problems there are.

People who are older or who are in bad health, will need to pay higher premiums than people who find themselves younger and in good health.

Comprehending how health insurance is priced is one of the most confusing aspects of getting individual health insurance, so comparing various companies and their rates might make a big difference in the amount you spend for health insurance.

If you are looking for individual health insurance, don’t allow all the confusion allow you to shy away from finding a policy. Even for people who are in great health, one accident could land you in fiscal peril without health insurance. Some questions to ask yourself when buying individual health insurance are:

Do I wish to keep my present doctor? If there is a doctor that you really like, this might determine whether an HMO or PPO plan is best for you and your family. For those who have an HMO, then you must use their doctors, but a PPO plan will enable you to use the physician that you pick.

Just how much will it cost me out of pocket, and just how much will my premiums be each month? Is it sensible for me to pay more for lower out of pocket costs? For a comprehensive health plan that doesn’t have many out of pocket expenses, an HMO could be what you are searching for. However, in case you are in your 20′s or 30′s, do not have children, and now have more money saved up, you can save money by only getting insurance for catastrophic illnesses. This will mean that you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any tests or doctor appointments.

How much health care will my family need? Take into consideration any services that could be needed by all your family members on a regular basis. If an individual has asthma in the family, will they need to go to an asthma specialist to control their illness?

When you can take some time to compare and consider the health insurance both you and your family need, it could make buying individual health insurance much less difficult, and provide the health coverage you and your family need at a rate that you are able to live with at the same time.

- Craig is a former college instructor in business administration and enjoys writing on sites such as Buying Individual Health Insurance and Money Talk Daily.

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