Manifesting Your Thoughts

Manifesting Your Thoughts

Manifest Your Thoughts

Another excellent post and story about using your mind power and the power of manifesting your thoughts via modern day technology using the internet in order to accomplish what you want in life.  Enjoy!


Manifesting Your Thoughts

By Jack Folsgood

The other day a friend of mine asked me, “What is it that you do?”

Ohhh… I thought. An interested inquiring mind. “I manifest my thoughts and make money from them.” I said.

” How is it that you do that?” she asked.

Should I tell her?

If I do tell her would she understand?

Would it really matter to her…?

or would it really matter to me if she didn’t?

No thoughts of innuendo. Only pure inquiry.

I decided to satisfy her wish with a little bit of information.

“I have a tool… a tool that allows me to discover what it is that people are searching for.”

“And this tool not only allows me to see what people are searching for, but it also allows me to see just how many of them are searching for any particular thing whether it is informational in nature, a specific product, or even things that are more subtle, like love and other emotions.

It goes even deeper than that, this tool, but suffice to say… it is pretty powerful.”

“Interesting” she said. “Go on”.

I was enjoying the attention.

“Think of the power of knowing what it is that people want” I said. ‘If you know what it is that they want and what it is that they are searching for then a marketer or business person who has the ability to tap into that can give them exactly what they are looking for and make a whole lot of money in the process, couldn’t they?”

“Wow” she said. “Yeah!” “I can see how that would be pretty powerful” “You really do that?”

I was still enjoying the attention. So I went on…

“Yes… I do”

She interrupted with ” This tool… is it real, or is it just in your head?”

Hmmmm… interesting question. How deep should I go? I decided to keep it simple. “No… it is a real tool. Real in the electronic sense at least. It’s really not something you can hold in your hand like a hammer or something, but a real thing nonetheless.”

“It must have cost a fortune!” she said.

I replied with “You have no idea.” To try to explain the truth of the matter I decided was of no consequence to this particular conversation.

“So what is it that you do?” she asked again.

I always appreciate a girl who can stay on point.

I was starting to feel some sort of common connection with her, so I decided to trust her a little more and continued on.

“I sit back in my chair after looking over the particular information this tool provides for me and ask “How is it that I can make money from this information?”

“After thinking of a way that might work I set out manifesting those thoughts via the internet and lo and behold people come to my websites because I have the ability to give them exactly what it is they are searching for and they willing pay me for the trouble of providing them the information.”

“If they happen to arrive at my site and not find what it is they are looking for that’s okay… they move on to somewhere else to find satisfaction of their desires… sometimes even to another site of mine”

She chuckled. “I’m fascinated” she said.

I was really starting to like this girl. I started to notice her long eyelashes and her high cheekbones. Very nice blue eyes. Friendly…inquiring. I looked for more, but she was really getting my juices to flow so I continued on.

“That’s pretty much it” I said.

“That is not it” she said. “I know there’s more and I really want to know how you do it!”

What could I do? I let her in on my secret way of manifesting my thoughts and making money with them.

Start Here

I said. “And call me in a week or two”.

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Remote Viewing Techniques – What is Possible?

By Jack Folsgood

A skilled remote viewer using proper protocols can see things from a distant location without physically being at that location. A viewer can use their higher powers to see what others are doing or what events are taking place in a different part of the world or anywhere in the universe. It should be noted that there are very few consistently accurate remote viewers on the planet and even they often end a session with poor, foggy, and downright inaccurate results.

The most highly regarded remote viewers have advanced psychic powers and are reported to have the ability to read minds and even put thoughts into another persons mind to get them to take action in a certain regard or avoid taking action. One can certainly understand the interest any government in the world would take in a person with this kind of power.

People who are somewhat familiar with remote viewing, but that have never really studied the protocols often believe that a remote viewer can go anywhere they want and see anything they wish to see. While these kind of reports have been given after a remote viewing session from time to time, this kind of ability has never been reported to be consistent. When something like this does happen it is extremely rare event, and the viewer is frequently reported to have difficulty duplicating this type of success in the next session, or even tens of sessions.

It may be that mankind is just beginning to understand the higher energies and is not sufficiently developed or mature enough to handle this type of power. This does not mean that this type of higher psychic power should be disregarded or feared. It is fair to say that if one has an interest in this type of ability then they have every right to investigate it and see if it can benefit them in some way. Only when devious intent creeps into the picture should one raise a flag of caution or concern.

If it is truly possible to tap into ones higher psychic energies to explore the past, present, or future to gather information that will improve life all around then using these powers should be encouraged. If one throws caution to the wind and starts to encroach upon other people and their rightful possessions then it should be discouraged.

During a remote viewing session the viewer uses certain scientific protocols for as many as sixty minutes or more. It has been found that in the beginning of a session the first images and impressions can generally be disregarded as not consequential to the target as it is usually just the imagination at work. One has to get beyond the fanciful leanings of the mind in order to assess what the target is and provide a reliable report.

Using proper techniques the viewer continues with the scientific protocols they have learned for as long a time as necessary for them to feel they have acquired the target and most often use pen and paper to record their impressions of the subject at hand. Often times a tape or digital recorder is used as well, but most people feel the pen and paper technique gives them the ability to transfer their impressions more accurately.

A remote viewer can and will get impressions of things like colors, temperatures, tastes, textures, smells, sounds, energetic and dimensional data, and even specific coordinates of the target desired.

Remote viewing has become a highly developed scientific process of getting or receiving information about a particular target. Often confused with clairvoyance, remote viewing is a learned skill, acquired with much effort, whereas clairvoyance is more frequently considered a natural skill.

Using proper protocol, remote viewing has become an easily repeatable and quickly demonstrable skill. It can be used as a tool to transform your life and used as a doorway to another world, a world within each and every one of us.

Accomplished remote viewers report feeling as though they have begun to live in a world beyond the illusion of time and space and can see past the suffering and fear in this world to an existence of infinite promise and possibilities.

Learn about Remote Viewing, as well as Psychic Powers, and Ghosts among other things.

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Scholarships & College Scholarship Search Services

Scholarship search services

Applying For Scholarships

A college scholarship search service really does not have access to any scholarship information that you or your child cannot get on your own if you are willing to put in the time researching and compiling the information you need.

When you pay for a college scholarship search service you are essentially paying someone to condense all the information you can get on your own from various sources although many people find that is well worth the money as it not only saves them time, but also all of the frustration that comes with trying to figure out all of the ins and outs of the application process.

Students whose applications are selected for awards are generally required to return the completed acceptance form and a thank you letter by the date specified in the award letter.

Students who know which college they would like to attend or which field of study they would like to specialize in can look toward professional organizations or university scholarship foundations for their essay contests.

Students can even obtain scholarship information and applications from college websites. The services that match scholarships to students’ skills, needs, and goals can be helpful, but only if the student takes the time to completely fill out the questionnaires.

Winning a scholarship is a numbers game: The more you apply for, the better your chances of getting some money in return. Scholarships are awarded as partial tuition waivers and on-campus work grants. Awards range from $200 to more than $5,000 and are dependent on the type and duration of the award.

Scholarships are many times given to star athletes by universities to recruit them for the athletic teams and many athletes get a degree nearly free of charge, but also can pay a heavy price in obtaining that degree due to the extra demands from competing in their sport.

Scholarships are generally available annually, based on financial need.

Academic performance, community service, and leadership qualities are also taken into account when an award is approved and are often merit based awards and do not have to be repaid.

Scholarships are offered for study of any discipline and are based on need, social/physical/economical status and also if applicants are care takers of children.

Applicants must be able to define their career goals.

Scholarships are the easiest way to help students afford a higher education and there are billions of dollars out there from people who want to help students make their way through college. These are financial awards provided to students who exhibit qualities of leadership, intelligence and dedication, and are offered to students in universities, colleges and other organizations.

Scholarships are “free money” because they do not need to be repaid. These awards – from foundations, companies, unions, community organizations, churches, and other groups – range from a few hundred dollars to a free ride for all years of college. They are generally awarded until all funds have been exhausted and not every eligible application will receive an award.

Many people feel that a good place to start their online search for college scholarships is a frequently updated news and information site. These type of sites stay up to date on recent and new developments in what is available to those searching for college scholarship advice.

Jack Folsgood is an expert in writing about college scholarships that may help you in your search.

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Writing Online For Money

So here you are. Wondering. Searching. Trying to figure out how to make make some money with your writing ability. You have been looking around on the internet and maybe even have some money invested in various programs that promised you the next big thing.

Make money online in 30 days! The ad said. Only $67.00 the ad said. You bought it. It did not make any sense. You can’t do it. It is so frustrating.

Making money online is hard. You have probably figured out that the majority of those who are promoting all of that “get rich in 90 days” crap are full of it. It’s true. Most of them are, but there are a few who know what they are talking about and will give you an honest answer.

I am here to tell you what it is going to take. The truth is that not only do you need to write an average of 1200 words a day 5 days a week for twelve months in order to see any results you also have to be willing to do all of this for free. For a year. That’s right…. for a year.

Not only that, but if you do not do it in the right way, publish to the proper sites in order to get your information noticed and get people coming to visit your own website, you could still write and publish 6000 words a week and still not make any money.

What did you think? Did you really believe all those people who told you this making money online stuff was easy? Don’t be so gullible.

If you want to make a consistent income online or otherwise you not only have to show up every day, you have to do things in the right way in order to not get fired. Don’t you? That is the honest to God truth. If you don’t like it that is okay. Stay broke. Struggle for the rest of your life. That is free will. Your own choice.

If you think that you have what it takes to write an average of 6000 words a week and follow a proven plan then visit the Keyword Academy and take an in depth look at just exactly what others are doing to make money online with their own writing talents.

After spending some time there acquiring a compendium of knowledge of what it takes exactly to make money by writing you can invest $1 of your hard earned money and spend the next 30 days educating yourself and find out whether or not you have the guts to move on and change your financial life for the better.

If you think you have what it takes to gut it out for a year with no pay in order to get paid for the rest of your life then I’ll see you inside at The Keyword Academy.

All the best,

Jack Folsgood