Oxyrect Review

I did a bit of research on this Oxyrect Male Enhancement product to see whether or not it was legitimate, reliable, and trustworthy.

I was going to do my own personal Oxyrect review, but Victor M. beat me to it.

Rather than go into all of the scary details, wild claims, and outright lies made in the promotion of the product I figured I’d just provide the link to the review about Oxyrect over at ReviewersFacts.com.  Here’s the Oxyrect Review.

Victor M. has been reviewing all kinds of products for a long time and I trust his judgement when it comes to things like this. Check it out.

Raging Bull Male Enhancing Pills Review

Victor Mayfield takes Raging Bull male enhancement pills to task in this review originally published over on the Natural Enhancement Products website.



Figured I’d take some time to do a Raging Bull male enhancement review after receiving some literature in the mail from New Horizons Labs, Inc. in Manteno, Illinois.

At least that’s the name of the company on the return address of the envelope, but after doing an internet search for the company all I could come up with was a Mail Fulfillment Service?  What are they hiding?

Maybe this company is trying to ride on the coattails of another company out of New Zealand that has a product with the exact same name? Something seems fishy here.

Another thing that is weird, is that even though there is a website named in the literature as www.getragingbull.com when I typed that into my browser there wasn’t anything there about the company… it took me to a Go Daddy landing page.

So, two strikes so far and I haven’t even gotten into the what they claim this Raging Bull pill will do for you as far as enhancing your male member.

But before I even get into that let me tell you about Robert A. Armstrong, PHD.

This guy is supposedly the Director of Operations at New Horizons Lab, Inc. , or at least according to the literature I received in the mail.

When I did an internet search for the guy NOTHING CAME UP! The only doctor with a similar name and same middle initial is not only not part of this company, he is an expert in Mathematical modeling in marine ecology and biogeochemistry at the University of MN, at least according to his website.

I wouldn’t order this stuff.

If I can’t trust, or find out who they are, how can I expect to believe all of the wonderful things they say their actual product can do?

For now I’m staying away from even thinking about ordering Raging Bull male enhancement pills and sticking with what I know works. VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus is a proven product with tons of testimonials, has been around a long time, has done actual clinical studies to prove the efficacy of the product, and will give you your money back if you find it doesn’t work for you.

I put a banner down below. Check it out. Maybe it is something you want to try and see if it can help you with what you want.

Victor Mayfield

Men Find That Pheromones Are A Good Way To Attract Women

Pheromones are the  basis for a more active sex life and are one of the secret ways to attract women and men. These are natural chemicals found in most animal species, including humans.

Many of these chemicals have uses besides in attracting a partner. Animals use it to mark their territory, send an alarm signal, or as part of a societal ritual.  But, most people think of pheromones when it comes to attracting a partner.

The natural chemicals which attract potential partners often get lost in today’s fast moving world. In an attempt to recapture this, men and women choose a variety of fragrances to make themselves more attractive to potential partners.


nexus women attracting pheromones help guys meet girls

But few things beat pheromones when it comes to getting someone’s attention. Today, there are colognes that contain these natural attractors in their formula.  Studies show that men who use these natural compounds have a higher rate of attracting partners and they get more attention from those partners.

These compounds cause a stimulus response in women and to a certain extent in men. They cause the amount of lutropin to increase.  This in turn increases sexual awareness and response. When you wear a fragrance with underlying chemical attractors like women attracting Nexus Pheromones, you have a new way to find a potential partner.

Of course, pheromones are not just chemical attractors that will bring women running from every direction. You need to add a few other things to make a complete package.  Women want a man who is confident in himself. Confidence is not the same as arrogance.

Confidence comes across as highly attractive, while arrogance will send most women running to the hills. Develop a good sense of humor.  Trying too hard with humor is almost as bad as not having any sense of humor.  Let things go naturally.

Keep yourself looking good. You do not have to be the handsomest man in a room.  But, you do need to look like someone who understand the business end of a comb and can keep his clothing clean. Shaving or trimming facial hair occasionally also adds a bit of class.

When you bring together chemical attractors into a complete package, you will start to see traffic pick up quickly. Women love the smell of pheromones whether it is conscious or unconscious. But, they respond even better when the person giving off those scents is someone they are attracted to on other levels.

You can set the right tone with how you present the entire person.  If you want to attract women, start at the primitive level and go forward from there.  Libido is also important to a more active sex life.  If you need to enhance your sexual performance, you might want to try natural male enhancement products.

Once you find that pheromones for men work,and the spray or perfume is working for you and helps you when you are trying meet girls or is helping you to successfully pick up women, then you need to be prepared. There is nothing worse for a women who is all ready to have a man in her bed than to have him be unable to perform.

It is important to be prepared and confident.  For that, many men have found that the number one all natural male enhancement formula in VigRX Plus keeps them always at the ready.

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Is VigRX Plus Better Than Viagra?

VigRX Plus vs. Viagra

Is This All Natural Male Enhancer Better Than Viagra?

A recent clinical study done under the strictest scientific protocols suggests that VigRXPlus, an all natural herbal male enhancement formula with no reported side effects is as good or better than one of the most popular prescription medications (Viagra) for erectile dysfunction.

Does this bode well for the big pharma company and others who manufacture available only by prescription male enhancement pills for the general public?

The short answer to that question is….  This clinical study, while showing excellent results for men suffering from E.D. will barely even make a small dent in the sales of the prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction.

While it is good news for those men who have and get all kinds of the nasty side effects from prescription meds for this problem one does not need to worry about the bottom line of “big pharma”.   The doctors who write the prescriptions are making a killing supplying a drug that many men have come to rely on to increase their libido.

Check out this article about Viagra and how much the United Auto Workers Union spent just in one year supplying their workers with it.  These types of prescription medications are not going away anytime soon just because there is an as good or better all natural solution for erectile dysfunction like VigRXPlus.

Besides… your health insurance is not going to pay for an all natural herbal male enhancer.  At least not anytime soon. Just look at how many years the insurance industry procrastinated at paying for something like chiropractic care even though hundreds of studies were published on how many health benefits there were for those people who chose to use it.

There are many men though who find that they have a hard time dealing with the side effects of drugs like Viagra especially the “death” part.  Even though big pharma clearly states that this product can and has been linked to death many men are so anxious about their ability to “get it up” that they are willing to risk it.  Talk about a captive market!

Lets face it.  Until more people are willing to invest in a safer solution and find that it does in fact work as good or better without any (or many) side effects, products like VigRX Plus (see the appended version of the most recent study over at Amazing Info World) and other all natural male enhancers are only going to capture a very tiny slice of the erectile dysfunction market.

Having an actual scientific study done about an all natural product for male enhancement does pour some cold water on many of the other products touted as solutions for this male sexual health problem though.  Check out all of the articles about the sneaky marketing tactics used to promote useless products in the all natural products for male enhancement category over at the Reviewers Facts website.

The bottom line is that everyone should always do their own due diligence about any product in this category whether it is by prescription or not.

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