Frameless Shower Doors for Wet Rooms – A Good Idea?

When someone becomes disabled and requires the retrofitting of a bathroom or wet room into a design that incorporates frameless shower doors for a walk in shower enclosure type design to make it easier to get in and out of the shower they often do not know just how to go about getting the job done.

frameless shower door for wet rooms

Using a frameless door for your shower enclosure can really help with getting in and out especially if you are disabled.

Of course if money is no object then there are more than enough contractors available willing to bid on the job, but what if you don’t have the money available to pay someone to help?  You really don’t want to be giving yourself a sponge bath twice a week do you?  Besides there is nothing quite like having a nice hot shower every day if you want.

If you are in a wheelchair,  having a regular bathroom retrofitted into a handicapped bathroom can be quite a chore. What  is quickly becoming a new trend is using different wet room designs to make getting in and out of a hadicap shower stall a whole lot easier.

As a matter of fact one should not think of this as a stall per say it should be thought of more as just tiled bathroom walls using a frameless shower enclosure set up to complete the project.

You will of course need more space than the average bathroom has and this probably will require knocking out some existing walls and using some of the space in your house that is currently being used for something else.  It may also require you call on some friends and family to help retrofit your living space.

A project like this can be quite messy and take quite a long time especially if you are using volunteer labor to complete the job so plan on making other arrangements for bathroom facilities for at least a week or two.  Have the job planned out well in advance and be prepared to deal with unexpected situations and delays.

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