Ionic Air Purifiers | Car Air Purifier | Cheap Air Purifiers

Ionic air purifiers seem to be all the rage these days. The ones that you can get to use as a car air purifier are one of the most popular.  Not only are these car air purifiers effective they are pretty cheap too.

But how do they work exactly? Most people know that they do not have any sort of air filter associated with them, but don’t know the science behind them.  Here is how they work.

Ionic air purifiers use ionization static. The purifier will generate a charge much like static electricity to charge the dirt particles in the surrounding air and as these charged dirt particles pass through the purifier they are attracted to and stick to the internal plate or plates of the device.  One only has to occasionally clean the internal plates to keep the purifier operating at peak levels.

The benefit to this is that a person does not have to constantly be buying new filters for their device which of course saves money in the long run. Many people who commute long distances or spend a lot of time in their vehicles report great benefits to using car air purifiers of this sort.

The most popular of these automotive or travel air purifiers use ionic technology to get the job done. Not only are they effective at reducing pollutants in the air they are very quiet and cheap air purifiers as compared to common household ones that often have a very noisy fan running all of the time.

When looking to buy an ionic air purifier you will discover a variety of sizes and styles. Not only can you get a variety of sizes for your car you can also get various different models with varying capacity for your home or office as well.  Many times you will find that they are sold in pairs.

One of the drawbacks of these types of air purifiers is that their ‘range’ is not all that much. While a small one used in the car will do just fine, if you have a big house or apartment you will find that not only do you need a much larger unit you might also need more than one.