Failed Businessman Turns Failure Into Internet Success

The following story about business failure and then getting back up again and trying something new to make money on the internet should be an inspiration to all those who are struggling financially whether it is in business or their own personal job situation.

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I Was A Businessman

I met a man. I looked at what he published. It seemed to make sense.

Somehow within me I knew the world was changing.

I was a businessman. I had run millions of dollars through my cash registers.

I had cost me two hundred dollars a day to do it.

After five years I was approaching a half a million in debt.

I couldn’t do it anymore.

I was working 80+ hours a week working on digging a bigger hole.

I felt bad.

A lot of other businesses were going to take a hit.

I always prided myself on being a man of my word.

Now I could no longer hold to my word.

It hurt.


I had to sell out.

Declare bankruptcy.

Put a good face on it.

Move on.

There was a certain freedom in not having any debt anymore. At least that is what it felt like when I ignored the fact that some of my closest family took the biggest hit.

They never held anything against me.


Life goes on.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

I hope you are not dead before I can pay you back.

I will do everything in my power to make it right.

Not that you want the money.

Or need the money.

But it would be nice.

Wouldn’t it?

And everyone else too.

So…. I met a man.

He showed me how the world had changed.

Business wise.

The internet.

I followed his path.

It was good.

I made money on the internet.

Lots of money.

He was right.

And it continues to only get better.

So you are wondering…

What does it take to make money on the internet?

“Lots of hard work” I say.

But it is worth it.

The amazing thing is that in one sense it is not really all that hard at all.

If you have a guru.

One that has gone on before you.

To blaze the trail.

And show you the way.

You only have to be willing to follow.

And do the work.

And all is good.

Join the leaders.

At the Keyword Academy.


There you go folks… hope this story about business failure and then gutting it out and continuing on with something new inspires all who are finding obstacles in their path.  Keep on keeping on.  Here’s to your success.