Warm and Fashionable Wool Jackets

fine wool jackets

You can buy a fine wool jacket like this Cashmere Blend Wool Coat starting at around $100.00

Using woolen fibers to make fine wool jackets and coats has been a mainstay of mankind for centuries. Before the technology came along to make things like Gore-Tex, nylon, polyester, and all of the many other products we use for outdoor and cold weather clothing, people were using wool and the hides and fur of animals to keep warm and dry during the winter.

For summertime outdoor wear, fabrics such as cotton work great because they breathe real well and are light and airy, but during the cold weather months woolen clothing works much better than cotton and other man made materials to keep a person warm.

Oftentimes a fine Scottish wool coat or jacket will be blended with other man made materials to not only keep the price down, but to also make it lighter.  This is not to say that there are not proper applications for the use of a heavy and thick 100% wool work jacket or longer coat such as in in outdoor construction work, or for hunting clothes, but the usual place that you will find blended materials along with wool are in the more fashionable mens and especially wool coats for women.

There really is not much difference between a jacket or coat made of this excellent and long lasting textile, and for most it is a matter of semantics.  Coats are usually thought of as something that is longer in length than a jacket, such as a wool trench coat for a man, and many of the ladies prefer a long wool coat over a jacket to help keep the winter chill away.

Fine wool jackets and the longer wool coats can be a very “flattering to the physique” material to wear. A person can find many different styles, and while clothing products made from wool are generally going to cost more initially than man made materials, they truly do last much longer, are warmer, and you can see many fashionable wool coats still being worn by people today that are over fifty years old.

100% wool jackets and coats are great for the everyday working man and woman, whether they are in need to look stylish in business situations or whether they just need a good heavy work wool jacket that is thick and strong such as what a farmer may need for everyday outdoor work situations.

You won’t find too many (if any) wool work clothes or outdoor clothing that you can just throw in the washing machine when they are dirty. Most manufacturers of wool clothing products recommend dry cleaning for proper care, but one of the benefits of wool is that has a natural antibacterial property to it and sheds dirt well, so even when it is somewhat dirty it does not smell very much.  This means that one does not have to clean it as often as other materials.

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Wool Coats and Outerwear

wool coats and clothing

Wool keeps you warm

Wool Coats and Outerwear – Are They Still a Viable Choice?

By Jack Folsgood

Modern material and high tech equipment such as battery operated clothing that keeps you warm when it is cold outside may seem to have relegated wool clothing to the dust bin at the local St. Vincent DePauls, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Mankind has been using clothing made from wool, particularly the wool of sheep for more than twelve thousand years and it does not seem to be giving up its rightful place as one of the most incredible base materials used for clothing not made by man. While shirts and other clothing made from cotton have their rightful place in everyone’s wardrobe, the incredible variety of clothing products and the many benefits it provides is unrivaled by any other.

  1. Wool has a natural anti bacterial property that keeps it from developing foul odors even if someone wears their wool jacket through many sessions of vigorous outdoor activities.
  2. This amazing material will keep a person warm and dry even while perspiring as it wicks moisture away from the skin and has the unique natural ability to “breathe” that has only been replicated recently in modern times by expensive products like Gore-Tex.
  3. Merino Wool is the softest and most supple of all wool products that come from sheep. While generally a little more expensive than the “scratchier” wool sweaters of days gone by, most people agree that it is well worth the money.
  4. Wool coats, suits, shirts, and pants seem to last forever. Many men still wear the suits that their grandfathers handed down to them after beginning to wear them more than half a century before. Most of these suits are still stylish and seem to never go out of style.

With all these benefits and many more, anyone can and will benefit by having at least one if not more articles of wool clothing in their wardrobe.  Go and get yourself some of this amazing material today!

To find out more regarding the amazing properties of wool coats, jackets, sweaters, and other wool clothing products including outerwear you can visit Wool Coats And Stuff. There you will find an amazing variety of information and product resources related to womens wool coats, shirts and jackets and even washable wool blankets.

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